CPDP 2021 Online Conference

Enforcing rights in a changing world


CPDP (Computers, Privacy and Data Protection) is an annual three-day conference devoted to privacy and data protection. It offers a forum where different voices are heard and where positions are compared, debated, approached or differentiated. We designed the entire visual identity & online communication.

How did we put that into practice?

We found the base of the visual identity in the process of data protection and the idea of always changing pixels. The point in the design process when the image is gradually taking shape, accurately expresses CPDP’s digital mindset. It inspired us to create a minimalistic pattern with a distinct digital undertone. One that resurfaces on the website, animations, social media and the appearance of the networking platform. We even developed an online generator which allows CPDP to create the visual assets themselves.

Making CPDP's world our world?

In order to fully understand the goals and preferences of the client, we organized a digital brainstorm session. This co-creative session helped us to align everybody of the team on their vision for the approach of the website and conference platform.

The search for virtual alternatives began in the course of 2021. Privacy Salon/CPDP had a specific problem because no existing platform passed the test as a good example in terms of GDPR, user tracking, privacy or data protection. “Can we develop such a platform ourselves?” was our question to Josworld. “Will it work and can it look good?” Overall, the responses to these questions were positive and the results have been a unique example for the entire industry of privacy professionals.”


Thierry Vandenbussche
Art and Events Director
Privacy Salon

Web design & development

The website formed the gateway for the participants of the three-day event. Besides access to the panels, the schedule, and information on the panels and speakers, the website also gives access to the virtual CPDP environment in Gather Town.

Generative art meets web design

As an additional visual element, we worked with pixels that are always changing. They emerge, fade, change color, move through the identity. This visual layer is the translation of the organization that visualizes the whole privacy & data protection landscape and connects different topics to make everything discussable and take it to the next level.

Innovative event planning

Due to the nature of a privacy minded conference, we had to ensure we kept full control over how the data was processed. Together with multiple partners, we created an online conference website that was built specifically for the needs of CPDP:

  • • An online planning tool for visitors, in which they could create their own schedule that could be exported to their own personal calendar tool.
  • • The integration of a fully customised (and private) live streaming solution, provided by Slash9 Productions.
  • • The possibility for people to ask questions during the panelists via a Q&A element during the streams, which were moderated by the students of VUB.
  • • A deep integration of the visual identity we created, where the pixels were generated on the spot and changed throughout the day based on the talks and the time of day. These visuals were also used as a basis for the announcement screens during the live streams.

Communication & social media

Online generator

We like to empower our customers. For this project, we went the extra mile. Our online generator made it possible to set up different templates so that our client could get started on social media themselves.

Social media pack

Networking online?

Sure, we design your world.

Gather Town – networking platform

GatherTown served for us as a virtual conference space where you can meet and interact with other participants. In the leisure area you could view artists’ work. Sponsors and partners prepared multiple side events and breakout sessions in the meeting area. The conference area was divided into 5 portal rooms where you could beam your way to your panel of choice. 

We provided the complete visual styling of the network platform.

Interactive objects

Different skins were designed and provided for all kinds of 3D objects.


  • • CPDP2021 offered 85 panel sessions with + 500 international speakers from academia, public and private sectors and civil society.
  • • The conference was attended by over 1300 attendees from 28 countries and 70% of the attendees coming from outside of Belgium.
  • • Besides the general programme, CPDP2021 also offered several side events such as exhibitions, round tables, artist talks and wrap-up sessions. The social event platform of CPDP2021 in Gather Town was visited by over 1500 unique visitors!
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