Balkan Trafik!

Bringing cultures together

Culture and arts as a catalyst

Balkan Trafik is the gathering of creative people from the countries of south-eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Brussels as a multicultural European capital. They bring communities together and transcend prejudices by showing what brings us all together: culture and art.

The multi-artistic festival defines itself as a platform for cultural diplomacy. Their conception is very broad: concerts, (online) debates, murals, cultural interventions,… In the words of founder Nicolas Wieërs, “Diplomacy of cultures means producing music as well as bringing people together around that culture, through culture.”

A more playful branding

The Balkan Trafik Festival has gained international recognition in recent years. Brand awareness is high. For the update, we started from the strengths of the previous branding. Everything had to be more festive, digital, contemporary and playful!

Futureproof result

The logo image is more playful and the colour palette more digital and crisp. The typeface has been thoroughly changed, but still fits well with what was before. The style elements are broadly conceived to allow enough freedom to grow the brand even further.

Let's get this party started!

A dynamic brand

Brandings are no longer static. We conceive designs from dynamism and movement. The style elements are built in such a way that there is a lot of freedom to animate.

Flexible style

A super lively and vibrant style ensures that the brand’s playful character can be fully extended to all declinations.

Concept design for the promotional campaign.

Festival decoration

The style had to be deployable at the physical festival zone as well as online. During the development of the corporate identity, much attention went to the hybrid nature of the event.

Strengthening Brussels' multicultural society

Founder Nicolas Wieërs: “The ambition is not just to bring foreign cultures to Belgium. The cultures are already in Belgium. The festival wants to reach out to all those communities in Brussels. We pay the media channels of the Brussels diaspora of Serbia, Romania, Albania,… to reach those people. We work with the European networks in Brussels.”

Quote article in mo-Magazine


Balkan Trafik! has had a profound social impact over the past 15 years. The festival contributed to the development of Balkan music in the Balkans itself. With the change of venue and revamp of the brand identity, the festival aims to be more accessible and even more inclusive.

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