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Inspiring communication tools to embrace blended learning in education

COVID-19 wreaked havoc on education worldwide, especially for vulnerable communities in less affluent countries. To keep education going anyway, there was a massive shift to online classes and professional development for teachers and education professionals (Continuous Professional Development – CPD). Despite these challenges, VVOB continued to believe in the value of blended CPD, combining online learning with traditional methods. Therefore, they wanted to devise and test flexible solutions in collaboration with governments.

At the same time, they began a creative process with partners worldwide to create a “Guide to Blended CPD for Teachers”. As a creative partner, we were on hand to design and develop both the printed and digital materials.

Onze aanpak?

VVOB’s approach focused on one goal: to encourage organisations to embrace blended learning. Inspire and motivate them by offering them a clear roadmap through videos, practical examples and the developed guide. Before launching, we conducted a content exercise to determine the best approach together with the team involved. We also set up a user-friendly bilingual website in English and Vietnamese.

We deliberately chose an inclusive visual language with playful illustrations to appeal to a broad audience and make the information more accessible.


In addition to the guide with step-by-step, illustrated tools, we launched a website in two languages. To appeal to the target audience, we chose an attractive and inclusive design, laced with playful illustrations. In total, we created 6 explainer videos with a total duration of 11 minutes, as well as 6 in-depth case study videos that together accounted for 45 minutes of instructive material.

This project has one goal: to help educators embrace blended learning, laying a solid foundation for an enhanced educational experience amidst yet challenging circumstances.

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