You’re invited to call us ‘No Bullshitters’: we help build brands that are ready to make their impact on the world more relevant.

Our goal? the greatest impact possible.

Being a reference for companies and organizations that operate sustainably and people-driven, that is our ambition. Josworld wants to inspire them in their story, from developing or rethinking a brand identity, to activating it, to supporting them in a tailor-made process. The goal is to permanently strengthen their brand… And if possible, even if it’s for a while, create the biggest impact on this world.

Having a critical and innovative approach to design and entrepreneurship is therefore a must for us. We set the bar high and that is why research plays an important part in our journey. That way, we can be the trusted partner of choice for brands that care about people and the future. We show up with all expertise in branding, design en communication, because we believe positive change can be tanglible, relevant, and daring.