Don’t Cross. The Line.

Powerful awareness campaign with a clear 'no'

A clear 'no'

On behalf of the VUB, we designed a striking awareness campaign to publicise and address the policy on transgressive behaviour. We literally spread the message throughout the campus, from the grounds and student rooms to the auditoriums and toilets. With this approach, the VUB wants to make a powerful statement as a close-knit community and give the subject much-needed attention.

In line with the VUB identity

By using the existing visual identity colours and combining them with sharp typography and a uniform design, we maintained recognisability and seamlessly integrated the campaign within the VUB identity. This visual coherence not only strengthens the message, but also underlines the commitment of the VUB community in tackling transgressive behaviour.

Straightforward copywriting approach

To communicate the message clearly and sharply, we adopted a straightforward copywriting approach. This style helps convey the message directly and without detours. This is essential for a sensitive topic like transgressive behaviour.

By choosing clear, concise and sharp wording, we aim to raise awareness and demonstrate that cross-border behaviour is unacceptable within the VUB community. The aim is to promote a culture of respect, understanding and safety, in which everyone feels respected and safe.

By literally spreading the message throughout the campus, from grounds and student rooms to auditoriums and toilets, we wanted to enable the VUB community to make a powerful statement physically and symbolically. Thus, the issue could not be ignored and was embedded in all aspects of campus life, emphasising the importance of taking action against transgressive behaviour.


Our campaign reached the entire VUB campus, with a powerful message that created unity and awareness. The impact was noticeable through increased engagement and action against transgressive behaviour.

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