Baita social enterprise

Create opportunities

Create opportunities

Baita is a social enterprise. With around thirty employees and a hundred regular clients, they are a familiar face in the Brussels non-profit sector. In addition to cleaning activities, Baita is also a social rental office and they are the driving force behind the O-Zone social enterprise center.

Baita Clean Office gives driven Brussels job seekers opportunities. They receive their training on the job, under the individual supervision of an instructor. Through this work experience and guidance, they are given opportunities to further develop their professional career path. In other words, a future-oriented approach.


Baita Clean Office got the news in 2021 that they were getting a lot of subsidized contracts in the short term. Very positive, but it also meant that they had to actively look for new workplaces. So a lot of prospect work, but with relatively few resources. A major challenge for a small company with no marketing experience.       


The Baita team was completely behind a step-by-step approach with a lot of interaction. Experiences and insights were shared during a workshop. We established the customer journey, determined a value proposition and went deeper into customer feedback. Empathizing with the world of Baita gave us enough raw material to think out the activation plan in more concrete terms.

The Baita team also gained new insights. In addition to an activation, the workshop showed that there was also a need for a stronger positioning and update of the Baita brand.

More contemporary, friendly and unified brand

First things first, before we threw ourselves into supporting communications and outlining actions, we made the branding story more recent, friendly and unified. This applies to both the logo, the style elements and the use of text. Despite the renewal, we were able to take the basis that was already there.

Supporting Distractions

To be honest the website that was in place had a fairly homemade feel to it and hence had to be tackled a little more thoroughly than anticipated. A small effort that was easy to justify. In terms of findability alone, the new website now scores much better.


What was initially an activation grew into a renewal process for Baita. Thanks to the acquired insights, the company was given new oxygen and the desire to communicate. By taking a step-by-step, hands-on approach, it also became possible from a budgetary point of view.

Meanwhile, the communication is running smoothly, they are reaching the right prospects and the workplaces are being filled.



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