Mini Bowl, Mega Impact!

Ghent and Leuven are spearheading the initiative of implementing reusable packaging in restaurants.

Green Deal: Leuven and IVAGO advocate for reusable take-away packaging

The city of Leuven, IVAGO, and the Fair Resource Foundation are joining forces to persuade restaurants and food enthusiasts to opt for reusable packaging, as part of the ‘Green Deal Alternative Packaging’ project. The mission is clear: to enlist 50 hospitality operators for this pilot project to transition to reusable packaging and encourage food enthusiasts to make the switch.


Our approach?

We begin by establishing campaign objectives and defining our target audience. Setting clear goals and precisely delineating our target audience allows us to develop a value proposition that reflects the needs and expectations of both restaurants and food enthusiasts. This enables us to craft a compelling message that resonates and delivers results, utilizing an approach centered around emotional benefits to foster a deeper connection.


IVAGO and the City of Leuven have set clear objectives: we aim for 10,000 reusable packaging units per week, with 3,500 in Ghent and 3,500 in Leuven, and we aim to convince at least 7,000 people to opt for reusable takeaway and delivery meals from now on. This campaign also strives for strong engagement from restaurants in both Ghent and Leuven. We have developed an extensive support package for the hospitality industry and launched a powerful visibility campaign by the end of April 2024.

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