Damien Foundation

Let’s act now, it’s contagious

Rebranding for more empowerment

We associate Damien Foundation with markers, Father Damien, leprosy and the island of Molokai. What the foundation really does is less known. This is unfortunate because the Damian Foundation saves lives and supports people in order built a humane life after their disease.

Deviating from the missionary work a long time ago, the foundation is active worldwide and always works with local people. Charity ‘pur sang’ left space for empowerment and scientific research also received an important place.

It was about time to shake the old fashion image and time to welcome a rebranding with open arms!


Together with the Damian Foundation’s team we started to find answers to following questions:

  • • How do people value?
  • • And how do we want Damian foundation to be known?
  • • Answering these questions allowed us to find a strategy on how to position and brand the organization.

The design process

It was clear from the start that we would have to look thoroughly at everything. Moreover, we kept the essentials of the current corporate identity, but we did some thorough renovations. That is a way to be still recognizable for their fans.

A corporate identity is more than just a logo. Except for the logo we also build step by step a new corporate identity. Each new publication was an opportunity to try some new elements. We kept what worked and added to our new corporate identity guide.

Partner-up met Damiaan

The creative process of the rebranding was intensive, but it did allow us to build a close bond with our client. The mutual trust was there.

Thanks to our qualitative approach, not only do we have a clear understanding of what Damien Foundation is and does, but we’re proud to say that the compliant role we had at the start evolved into a partnership.

Ilse Errygers,

Head of communication Damian Foundation

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