Finding the X

A youth brand for UiT.be

How can you inspire and activate young people to gain new experiences in the cultural field? The mother brand UiT had no connection whatsoever with the target group; the solution lay in coming up with a new sub-brand: UiTX.

Inspire and activate 16- to 26-year-olds

Young people between 16 and 26 are a very diverse and broad group. In short: anything but easy to reach. Making a brand fit into the world of these young people is, first and foremost, not claiming to be a youth brand. The success lies more in finding common ground: visually, in the way you speak and in what you stand for as a brand.

Assume? No, rather testing. We posed the question to the young people themselves!

We tested proposals on naming, visual identity and storytelling with a diverse group of young people. The feedback we received was very valuable and made the decision-making and design process more effective.

Because young people feel involved, we also got the right input.


The result of the survey was a mix of opinions and objections. It came down to finding trends in opinions and filtering them. It was interesting to note the similarities and differences between the different ages.

In terms of brand image and brand name, the suffix UiT+X emerged as the favourite. Short, universal and playful.


UiTX is allowed to stand out from the parent brand as a brand image. That is why a distinctive and striking colour set was chosen. The address could also be sharper, more playful and more idiosyncratic. Best of all, it had to pop a little.

A digital logo also means a motion logo. How does the brand work in a digital environment? How does it work on social media?

To announce the transition from the ‘old’ BiLL brand, as the youth section of publiq was called, to UiTX, we came up with this animation.


A strong brand lives and can grow. By setting up a large corporate identity library with templates and elements, we provided the team at Publiq (the organisation of UiT) with the necessary tools. Empowering makes a brand future-proof. The result is best seen on the lively Instragram page of UiTX.

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