Talent for Teaching

Let young teaching talent shine now

A one-of-a-kind experience

With Talent for Teaching, an initiative of the King Baudouin Foundation in collaboration with the Brussels Education Centre, third-grade secondary students can get a taste of life in front of the classroom. The young people are coached and their efforts are rewarded. A nice stepping stone to teacher education. Because teaching talent cannot be discovered and stimulated early enough.

Cross-generational name

The project aims to reach both teachers and students. Finding a name that appealed to both target groups was the first challenge. Together with people from the two target groups, we brainstormed on a new name. Six name proposals were selected!

End-users' deciding factor

To be completely sure, both the name proposals and branding concepts were submitted to several people. Teachers, students and aspiring teachers gave input, making it easy to decide. Talent for Teaching came out as the resounding name!

Activation campaign

Step 1: stimulate interest

A visual style that appeals

Appealing to and reaching young people is what the campaign has to do first and foremost. They need to identify with the visuals. That is why we looked for authentic images and portraits. Showing sincere reactions and showing the human side is very important here.

Step 2: tools for activation

Roadmap and downloads

Generating wide reach is not only done by advertising, the community around the project can also become ambassadors. A web page with downloads takes care of this.

In addition, communication is the key to the success of the project. In the roadmap, participants will find substantive and practical information about getting started with Talent for Teaching. Clear inspiration guides are also provided for guidance during the project itself.


The campaign is scalable and replicable. During the first year, the approach is quite compact, but the ambition is to grow and roll out the project further in coming years. More info at www.talentforteaching.be

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