Pop the bubble

Let’s restart quality youth mobility projects, using the Quality Tools

Pop the Bubble, an initiative of the European Platform on Learning Mobility in cooperation with Jint vzw, Erasmus+ and Youth Partnership, aims to get young people in Europe moving again.

About the campaign

After two difficult years for youth mobility during the pandemic, youth mobility is back and there are plenty of opportunities out there! We’re finally emerging from this unprecedented period, when we were stuck in our own “bubbles”, trapped in our virtual worlds. And now we’re ready to re-connect and start re-establishing those bonds that are created through international youth work.

The European Year of Youth provided a fantastic springboard to highlight youth mobility and inspire and support youth workers to set up good quality projects, using the Q!tools.

That is why JINT and Jugend für Europa, together with partners in the European Platform for Learning Mobility, have decided to launch this campaign.

For who?

Youth organisations and informal groups of young people who may want to apply for international youth mobility projects. We’re mainly aiming the campaign towards those who have not previously applied for youth mobility projects. Or maybe they are “old hands” and know the process back-to-front, but they just need some tips, or maybe it’s a youth organisation that has been put off by a failed application in the past. The Quality Tools are for everyone!

Activation campaign

Step 1: stimulate interest

A visual style that catches the eye

Addressing and reaching youth organisations is what the campaign should do in the first place. They must feel engaged through the visuals. Therefore, we went in search of a visual style that reflects the feeling of movement and freedom. We looked for inspiration in images that symbolise the idea of ‘flowing together’.

Step 2: The tools to activate

Roadmap and downloads

Pop The Bubble is a joint campaign and therefore we use multiple channels to reach its key audiences: those developing youth mobility projects. 

By using the Canva templates we have set up – you can make Pop The Bubble your own. The templates are fully editable, and so you can add your own logos, text and images -using them for social media posts, event invitations and newsletters. You can temporarily add a banner to your social media profiles or a sticker to your profile pic. We even have a backdrop for your Zoom meetings!



We would not be able to achieve quality in learning mobility without those who believe in it and who put their heart into spreading it!

Q!Ambassadors are dedicated professionals across Europe with expertise in quality in learning mobility and who promote the Q!Tools in their countries and networks. They are helping in promoting the Q!App around the world, including the guidance for users. 

We gave the ambassadors a central place throughout the campaign. Through a series of interviews, we collected a lot of interesting material such as quotes, video material to share.


The campaign has, through its use of social media and multiplying by partners’ accounts, had a significant reach on especially Facebook. This has led to a measurable increase in users to the Q!App website, in views of Create Q!, those accessing Rate Q! and active projects overall on the Q!App.

Partners have been vital in helping amplify the campaign. Core partners involved were very active in sharing campaign.

Legacy: the materials, via the toolkit, are available for partners to edit, personalise and continue to use and we hope will be a legacy for Pop the Bubble!

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