Getting schools moving

We came up with a new name and logo for Stichting Vlaamse Schoolsport (SVS).

With it they reposition themselves as a recruiting rather than supporting organisation. The aim is to bring them to the foreground and enter into direct dialogue with their audience. The look and feel could therefore be sharper and more challenging. The house style and logo increase their visibility and create trust.

The challenge?

How can education focus less on competition and more on movement and experience? How do you involve school management, teachers and parents? How does this translate into a new brand and name?

The result?

The result is a new brand that can position itself alongside its target group. The strategy and concept are focused on brand growth, creating impact and a scalable rollout of derived communications, campaigns and events.

What does MOEV stand for?

We bedachten een beweegkompas om de betekenis van de naam en doel van de organisatie gemakkelijk uit te leggen.

M – Motivatie (motivation)
O – Ondersteuning (support)
E – Expertise
V – Vernieuwing – Vlaanderen – Vitaliteit (Innovation – Flanders – Vitality)

Opting for a sustainable house style

A new visual identity was then extended to all the derivatives: shopping bags, poster templates, advertisements, leaflets, POS material, etc.

The house style’s strength is in its ability to vary. It gives the client and designers the freedom to place their individual accents in the graphic charter. This makes a house style more durable and widely supported.


The hashtag “#schoolinbeweging” sums up the message well. We use it to create a tool for crisp communication on social media. It also allows stakeholders to get behind the message.

A dynamic house style

As well as a static house style, we developed an animated house style. The promo animation was cut into several edits. These can be used as video bumpers, teasers, video posts on Facebook, and as a page header. Clever, and for almost the same budget.

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