Het Neerhof

A working farm

“Up with the chickens, straw in your hair, boots in the mud!”

Het Neerhof is a historical farmhouse on the border of Brussels.

Its focus is education and organic farming, their visitors include clients of their shop, visiting school groups, and families.

More than just an educational farm

Het Neerhof is a lively place with a lot of possibilities, but they mostly managed to reach visiting schools, while they have a lot more to offer.

Since Het Neerhof aims to be more open and accessible to people from its direct surroundings and from Brussels, they asked us to expand their branding together with them.

Defining the tone of voice

Research, benchmarking, brainstorming with the client

We sat down and had a big chat! We identified the need for and approach that’s playful and positive, not too childish but also not highbrow.

The farm shop had been open for a couple of years but didn’t have its place in the previous branding, so that needed to be created too.

The solution? Recognisable but versatile branding that gives a lot of room to the many possibilities Het Neerhof has to offer.

New visual identity & implementation

New logo!

The new logo is a better fit. It’s also more readable for a diverse public.

There’s several variants, so we can show off the different activities at Het Neerhof!

Branding materials

The colours are based on those of the previous logo.

Besides colours and fonts we also created a set of patterns and other elements that can be used in different designs.

Website retouch

One farm-fresh website to match the new communication style.

Useful templates for the client to use

Canva templates

Canva is an accessible design platform that’s easy to use and allows a client to make their own images!

We placed a whole bundle of freshly picked logos and patterns in Canva, so Het Neerhof can create their own event posters and social media posts.


The brand guide holds a clear set of rules regarding the new branding. It supports Het Neerhof in making their own designs while staying on-brand.


For het Neerhof we took some photos to add to the branding.

(And we secretly enjoyed it very much)

What was the impact?

Good news! Het Neerhof can identify itself a lot more with the new branding now. It feels more like theirs and like a better match for what they are actually doing.

There is a lot of material provided they can work with themselves, and they are successfully using that on Instagram and TikTok.

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