well-being & diversity

Socially responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship? Oh, yes!

Josworld aims to organise itself in an innovative and sustainable way. How?

Our sustainability charter:

    • Diversity: diversity is not only given a place in projects, but also within the organisation itself we are working towards more diversity. A conscious choice that results in a diversity plan and soon also a diversity label.
    • An energy-efficient and healthy working environment is important: our offices are located in the city centre, close to public transport and easily accessible by bicycle. The office lighting is energy-efficient and at the same time pleasant to work in.
    • We are an LGBTQ-friendly organisation. Tolerance is important to us.
    • Inclusive recruitment: for the launch of vacancies we work together with Actiris, the Brussels office for employment. This way, we come into contact with applicants who are not just in the traditional design networks. We also hire designers from all over the world for internships. We also welcome people who are going through a reintegration process.
    • On the road: during the execution of an assignment, we are aware of our way of transportation. Unnecessary use of the car is thus avoided. In addition, we rely on sustainable courier services with optimised transport for our deliveries.
    • Innovation: We periodically evaluate our workflow and develop solutions and (digital) tools that help our customers save time, energy and resources.
    • Digital sustainability: we are also committed to renewing and centrally updating delivered tools. In this way, we ensure that software can last for a long time and customers do not have to start all over again because updates are no longer compatible, for example.
    • Long-term customer relationships: we believe in long-term customer relationships, this creates trust and transparency which results in stronger creative outcomes.
    • Sustainable internal structure: internally, we motivate employees to increase their interests and knowledge by following specific programmes and training courses. This stimulates innovation.
    • A cooperative business organisation (coop) stimulates talent development, increases involvement and supports internal initiatives. Josworld is a recognised cooperative that endorses the ICA principles.
    • Visual sustainability: our ambition is to deliver visual material that can pay off in the long term. To deliver quality design that is not easily outdated. In addition, we apply the principles of accessible design to everything we design. Inclusion is important.
    • The printing companies we work with produce sustainably and/or ecologically: they use clean electricity, vegetal bio-ink, FSC®-certified paper.
    • For online projects, we use energy-efficient hosting (Cold Corridor technology).
    • Our offices are cleaned by Baita vzw, a work experience project for long-term jobseekers.
    • Inspire: as creative entrepreneurs, we believe in sharing experiences. We regularly organise sessions and meetups.