Accessible housing for people in difficulty


Accessible housing for people in difficulty

Affordable housing is becoming increasingly scarce, especially for people with a low income. Meanwhile, there is 1 million square metres of empty office space in Brussels.

With WoonBox, SAAMO Brussels wants to use that empty space to provide temporary housing for people with limited incomes.

WoonBox gives them the opportunity to live inexpensively and comfortably, while providing them with guidance to work on other areas of their lives.

Increasing visibility

The challenge was to make WoonBox a recognisable brand that helps increase the visibility of this project. More professionalism, a higher positioning of the project; in short, generating more impact.

Modular logo

The housing units themselves consist of a modular construction system: standard panels that can be combined to form various configurations, from a one-bedroom flat to a family home.


Woonbox now has more clout and impact as a brand, while they continue to expand their project in Brussels.

We love these kind of projects at Josworld! We like to put our passion and skills into meaningful projects that benefit society.

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