Nights Conference

Beyond The Paradox

Sustainable nightlife

Nights conference offers a wide range of insights into the growing success of Europe’s nightlife and the challenges that lie ahead. NIGHTS 2018 aims to contribute to an attractive and sustainable nightlife.

Wide angle, sharp visuals

The focus of the conference is on four themes: health, urban development, nightlife culture and the economic aspect of nightlife.

An energetic view that translates into sharp, trendy visuals with which to reach experts, scientists, organisers and stakeholders alike. The challenge was to make the visual communications playful and appealing but flexible enough to keep for future variations.

Digital presence

A flexible and useful website is a must for a three-day conference involving 150 speakers across fifty workshops and eight sites.

We opted for a straightforward design that is first and foremost practical and informative. The result is an easily navigable website that is very stable to run on both desktop and mobile devices.

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