Flemish Masters in Situ

Masterful Art!

Beleef Vlaamse Meesters waar ze thuis zijn

Flemish Masters in Situ helps visitors find a set of truly unique places away from the well-trodden and busy tourist trail. These works may be hidden pearls in well-known art cities, but they are mainly tucked away in smaller towns and villages across Flanders.

Commissioned by the Openbaar Kunstbezit Vlaanderen and Toerisme Vlaanderen we came up with a campaign vision, copywriting and different communication carriers.

45 locations with each their own individuality

The campaign goes far: from Bocholt to Nieuwpoort! The local aspect and the open experience are the first priorities in the campaign. Not only do we want to attract the art lovers, but also families and impulse visitors. The overall visual was conceived in a way that makes creations of endless variations possible.

Online template tool

To empower the reach of the campaign, all local actors were provided with an online template tool with which they could create their own communications: insert text and images, choose a format.

For more information: www.vlaamsemeestersinsitu.be

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