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How do we help you get started with Canva?

A corporate identity or campaign only lives when it is actually used. That is why we like nothing better than to empower our clients and put the possibilities for this into their own hands. Canva is the ideal tool for this. We help you in 5 ways:

  1. Branding: Let us express your brand with nifty visuals! We help you develop a unique brand identity that you can apply to all your designs. Together, we choose the colours, fonts and other visual elements that fit your style.
  2. Design templates: Skip that designing stress! We create customised templates for you, whether for social media, presentations or posters. With our templates, all you have to do is unleash your own creativity on them.
  3. Design services: Are you ready for next-level designs? We help you create custom designs that fit your needs and goals. Whether it’s a new logo, brochure, flyer or other marketing materials, we’ll make sure your designs look super nice.
  4. File management: Say goodbye to chaos and hello to order! We help you organise and manage your Canva designs. We create handy folders and label your designs so you can easily find and use them. That way, you’ll have more time to focus on the fun stuff!

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Organise your own Canva workshop

Let us turn you and your team into Canva pros! With us, learn the tricks of the trade, such as colour, composition and typography, and how to cleverly apply them in Canva. Choose a half-day training course whether or not supplemented by 1-on-1 sessions.

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Save money and time

A Canva set-up is the investment to take your designs to the next level. We provide tailor-made design templates that fit your brand perfectly. Through training, advice and design templates, you will learn the basics of design and be able to apply them directly to your own designs. This will save you time and money and create a consistent brand identity.

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Interested, but no concrete question? We regularly organise Canva inspiration sessions. From beginners to advanced.

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