Jostalks #1:
“How to get rid of your creative agency?”

Geschreven door Thijs op 24 January 2023

Jostalks “How to get rid of your creative agency?” Thursday, February 9 at 18:30.

Yes, you read it right! Artificial intelligence (AI), automation, templating,… things are moving fast. Whether creative agencies will continue to be needed in the future anyway is the question. They probably will. Either way, creative processes will undoubtedly become different, but the role as a client with the communication agency will also change. Wondering what impact this will have and to what extent clients themselves can be in the cockpit during creative processes?

Come and listen to this Jostalk. The idea is simple: bites and drinks and two interesting guest speakers from our network, each highlighting a topic briefly (20′). In between and after, we provide ample time for networking. Come and join us!


The two guest speakers for this session are:

  • Frederik Vincx: he calls himself Belgium’s fastest social impact designer. One of his secret weapons? Kickstarting his creative process with chatGPT. Come to his session to learn how you can do the same.
    Frederik Vincx (@fritsbits) / Twitter
  • Stijn Blomme from Webdoos. As an expert on digital automation, he focuses on “automation of creativity”. What is the impact? And how can we turn this into an advantage?
    Expert in de kijker: Stijn Blomme, bezieler van Webdoos | KMO Adviescentrum


For who?
We are primarily targeting the Josworld network, but others interested in this topic are also welcome.

Praktical info:
Location: Josworld, Lakensestraat 99, 1000 Brussels
Timing: reception from 18h30, around 19h we will start the short presentations (ENG)
Price: Jos treats!