15/06 Mini Webinar:
“Say hi to GA4”

Geschreven door Thijs op 30 mei 2023

Mini Webinar “Say hi to GA4” Tuesday 15 June at 13h30 – 14h.

Discover the exciting transformation of the world’s most famous analytics tool – Google Analytics 4 (GA4). As a (communications) professional, it is important to be aware of this major innovation. In fact, Google has announced that all users will be required to switch to GA4.

With GA4, you get a deeper insight into the interaction between your customers and your organisation. This is made possible by the new event-based model, which focuses mainly on engagement, interactions, cross-platform data measurement and artificial intelligence. By 1 July 2023, GA4 will replace the current Universal Analytics (UA).

Now you might be wondering: what will happen to Universal Analytics’ functionalities and your historical data? In addition, you want to know when and how to switch to the new GA4 version. No worries, we will briefly show you how to make this switch so you can continue to make the best use of analytics data to improve your communication strategy.

Stay tuned and prepare for the future of analytics with GA4. It’s time to take your insights to the next level and drive valuable interactions with your target audience.


During this mini webinar, our expert Marie explains how best to make the switch. There will also be time for questions.

Who for?
We love meeting new people, anyone with an interest in the subject is welcome!

Practical info:
Participation link: see registration form
Start: 13:30
Price: free

To guarantee quality, we aim for a small group of participants of max. 6. Full is full.

This mini webinar will be held in English (prefer Dutch? Click here).